Newsela 101: Hashtag Poster


Students will summarize a text and create a visual supporting the text.


Hashtag posters can be used for any type of article your students read, however, theywork best when reading an article about a social issue. Once the Newsela article has been read, students will begin creating their poster based on the reading. In the center of their poster they will put a relevant hashtag for the article, which is essentially the main idea of the reading. They will then add images, evidence, statistics, and any other information from the article relevant to the article. As an extension, students can find a second article that supports their first topic and add more information from the second source. A completed poster will have filled the entire space and met the required amount of information set forth by the teacher.

Tips and Suggestions:

  • While social issues work best, it really can be any article Newsela offers. It could easily be a career, the water cycle, a famous person, or a current event.
  • Encourage students to use annotations to help them sort information to create their poster.
Newsela 101: Hashtag Poster
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