Newsela 101: Sutori

In my classroom, Sutori is used weekly and we LOVE it! It’s used for everything from our weekly newsletter to sub plans, organization of research to book recommendations for peers. Sutori is incredibly simple to use and made simpler through the use of templates.


Sutori is a visual tool that allows people to present a variety of information in a linear, organized manner. It’s like a roadmap or a guiding post keeping them on track from the beginning to the end. Within Sutori students and teachers can create a story in which they can add headings, text, pictures, videos, audio, questions, forums, and embed content from a variety of sources.

How it can be used with Newsela:

Sutori has several tie-ins with Newsela. Teachers can create a roadmap for learning in which they post several articles along with additional resources and activities they would like kids to complete. On the story they can add in multiple choice questions or matching quizzes to check for understanding. In turn, students can create their own Sutori Story to showcase their learning. They can create a story to show their learning on a single article or they could use a Sutori story to show what they’ve learned over the course of a unit of study. Sutori would also be an excellent tool to use for student to create a historical timeline of an event. Because Sutori stories are set up in a linear manner, students can add items to their story to show the chronological order in which things happened. Additionally, students could use Sutori to create their own quiz based on a Newsela article.  




Free to add text and images, paid upgrades available to access the other features.

Newsela 101: Sutori
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