Newsela 101 Quick Tip: Article Sell Off

Students will engage in a quick summary based presentation of their article.

This activity is a quick post-article presentation activity. Depending on the size of your class this can be an individual or a partner activity. When students are done reading their article, they will then create a 15-30 second presentation about their article. The goal of the “Sell Off” is to in a creative and energy filled way “sell” the article to the class the information in the article. The presentation is much like an infomercial where the students have to quickly summarize the information they read and present to the class in a fun and engaging way in a very short amount of time, which forces the students to be efficient. After all the students/partnerships have gone you can have the students vote on the best presentation. This activity works well with all the students reading the same article of several different articles. It also is a quick check to see if everyone is understanding the material.

Newsela 101 Quick Tip: Article Sell Off
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