Newsela 101: Graffiti Walls!

Sketch-noting is all the craze right now in education. Graffiti Walls are a version of sketch-noting that really challenge students to actively create a visual from a text or group of texts they have read. I absolutely love graffiti walls. I use them a lot of times at the end of a unit for students to review the concepts that we covered. Currently my juniors are creating a graffiti wall as a review of the entire semester in preparation for their final this week. The best part of graffiti walls is challenging students to take a giant blank piece of paper and conceptualize concepts into their own creation. The walls also allow me to quickly identify misconceptions or ideas that aren’t connecting. This activity can range from 1 person to a group of 10 and can fit any topic or content. 


Students will create a visual representation of an article or text set they have read.


For this activity students will be challenged to create a visual representation of a reading without any directions. This can be either an individual or group activity depending on how big of a poster you want the students to complete. Provide students with a poster or piece of butcher paper. The directions for this activity are very simple: fill the page with anything and everything dealing with what the student has read. The goal of the activity is for students to show their interpretation of the content of the article. At the end of the activity, the poster should be completely filled with images, words, and any other visuals the students want to add. It should not just be filled with text and lacking color. This activity challenges students to create something from nothing and can be difficult for students to do at first. It works great when students work in groups so they can practice personal skills and collaboration skills. The big part of the activity is the creation point which challenges students to think in different ways than they are used to.

Tips and Suggestions:

  • Groups can range from partners to groups of 10.
  • Great review of material at the end of the unit as a final check to see if students are interpreting the information correctly.
  • Can easily see misconceptions when students are working on creating the Graffiti Wall and works as a great opportunity to reteach those concepts.


Newsela 101: Graffiti Walls!
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