Newsela 101: Flipgrid

For some students, writing is a challenge; they have great thoughts but there’s a disconnect between what they are able to communicate verbally and their written work. Anyone who has used Flipgrid in the classroom knows that, in addition to just being plain fun, it can be a game changer for these kids.


Flipgrid is a video platform made with students and educators in mind. Educators create a class grid, pose a topic or two, and students respond with videos up to 5 minutes in length. Teachers can moderate the videos and they will only show on the grid once they have teacher approval. Once approved, students can view one another’s videos, react to them, and leave comments.

How it can be used with Newsela:

During a particular unit of study, the teacher would create a grid and pose a question. Students would then record their responses. Additionally, students could use Flipgrid to debate topics, summarize articles, give ‘article talks’, or pose their own questions for their classmates and teachers to respond to.

What I appreciate about using Flipgrid as opposed to just written answers is that the kids are often more thoughtful in what they are creating. When students know you’re going to not only listen to their responses, but be watching their facial expressions as well, they’re more apt to put time and effort into their response instead of hastily scribbling something down.

Flipgrid has the added component of just being plain fun! After a student records their video they take a selfie and can doctor it up with stickers. A little creativity and playfulness can go a long way in the classroom!


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Newsela 101: Flipgrid
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