Newsela 101: One Pager

The One-Pager Poster is the Swiss Army knife of activities. What I love about the activity is that it can fit with any article on Newsela. The activity can be adapted quickly and made to work with any level or content of an article. It also challenges to creatively engage in an article and create their own visual representation of an article, instead of just simply filling out an organizer. Below is an example One-Pager from a Junior English/History course. Feel free to adapt the directions to fit what you are trying to get the students to pull out of the reading.


Students will create a text based informative poster about a topic they read about.


A One Pager Poster is one of the most versatile and universal poster activities that can be used with any article on Newsela. One Pagers when paired with Newsela help enhance the learning experience. Newsela helps to deliver the content at the appropriate lexile level to the student, which in turn allows all students to comprehend the material in the article and participate in the activity. The One Pager is also very adaptable and can be used by any content and skill level. It is simply a reflection poster about the article the student just read. The activity provides a quick post reading reflection check both for the student and for the teacher to check for understanding. The following directions can be adapted and modified as needed, but the following is the basic structure:

  • Title of Article
  • 3 Relevant Images
  • Summary or Theme of the Reading
  • 5 Key Terms/Character Traits/Concepts
  • 2-3 relevant pieces of evidence from the article that support the Summary/Theme

Tips and Suggestions:

  • One Pagers are universal and can be used in any classroom with any grade!
  • The directions above are merely guidelines. You can add and subtract as needed to fit what you are trying to get out of the article or based on student skill level.
  • A personal response to an article is another requirement that can added to gain more understanding of a student’s viewpoint of an article.

Newsela 101: One Pager
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2 thoughts on “Newsela 101: One Pager

  • October 28, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    Great idea! I will use this next week!

    • October 28, 2018 at 3:49 pm

      Thanks Melanie! We would love to hear how it goes in your class once you use it!


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