Newsela 101: Buncee

To say that Newsela and Buncee have transformed my classroom would be underselling the power these tools have given my students. While Newsela offers my learners the ability to access content at a reading level specific to their need and gives them a voice in the conversation, Buncee provides a platform for using their voice creatively.


Buncee is an incredible creation tool. Students and teachers alike are able to add stickers, animations, backgrounds, text, videos, and more to their presentations with just a click of a button. In fact, the banner and site icon for our blog were made on Buncee.

Though it offers an expanding variety of content, it is incredibly easy to use. With options like Open Dyslexic font and the ability to read aloud any text that is added, it is great for kids who need accommodations. Additionally, teachers can create assignments where students then submit their work.

How it can be used with Newsela:

After reading an article or gaining knowledge through a text set, students can create an infographic or multi-page Buncee which displays their learning. Students could be challenged to summarize their learning using anything but the text feature.  In addition to their summary or infographic, students are able to link the Newsela article directly to their Buncee.

Teachers can create a Buncee Board, which is like a topic-centric bulletin board, where they encourage students to display their work. An example of a Buncee Board could be a student-recommendation board. Students can create a one-page advertisement for an interesting article, link the article to the Buncee, and if someone is having trouble finding an article of interest they can peruse their peers’ recommendations. 


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Newsela 101: Buncee
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